The Boys Are Outside, and They’re Looking Cute as Heck

The Boys Are Outside, and They’re Looking Cute as Heck

Today I brought my cats outside in our Catio! I have some cute pictures and I thought I’d share them. 🙂

I own three cats whom I adore, Forrest, Lil Grey, and Zesty. They were all raised as indoor cats but after a couple of years of owning Forrest (the black one) I realized how much he enjoyed watching the birds outside. I bought him a cat harness at first but he’d always try and run off after the birds and the harness was such a hassle to put on.

They REALLY wanted to go out lol

My mom landed on the catio idea on Pinterest. Theirs were really fancy and looked like they required a big budget but my dad and I used it as inspo to our catio that is made out of all repurposed items that we just had lying around. We build the catio last summer and it still works great for the boys!


Zesty really wasn’t photogenic today 

The reason why I wanted a catio was mainly to ensure the safety of my pets. I did not want them to stay indoors their whole life because I’d know I would hate that, but I also did not want them to get hit by the speeding cars or get attacked by the hunting birds that we have out here. The catio lets them enjoy the sunshine, the breeze, and all the bugs, all the while keeping them safe and within my eyesight!


Forrest loves rubbing on the chickenwire and getting the rayyyys 🙂

I usually bring the cats out everyday, the catio has a roof so they can get some shame, there’s different shelves for them to hop onto, some grass at the bottom to chew on and play in and we placed it close to the garden and the bird feeder so they have lots of bugs and birds to watch!



The pals were really pumped to be outside today! Our yellow lab, Crash, also had a blast chewing his bone in the shade. ♥


Happy Canada Day everyone! Read your book outdoors today, I promise you won’t regret it! 🙂