Satirical Essay

This was an awesome essay I wrote for my eleventh grade english class. The tricky part of this essay was that I had written it with one of my classmates – a good friend of mine – but I still usually prefer to work alone so writing this way was kinda new to me. The entire criteria to this essay was also quite new to me. This was my first practice of Ethos, Pathos, and Logos in an essay and my first satirical piece. We got a really good grade on this essay and it made people laugh, so I think it was a job well done. The rationale comes before the essay, that was just to examine and explain the key elements of the work. This was a true learning experience and I actually had to do a lot of research because I was not allowed to make up any of these names or stats about the school.

Fun fact: some of the quotes are derived from stupid things I’ve actually heard people say at my school.