Single-Use Plastics

This was a fun little essay I wrote for my French class senior year. I’ve found out in the past four years that other than writing about books, I love writing about how terrible plastic is for the environment, which is such a depressing topic but makes for such an interesting research paper. This was fun because instead of going full ham on just never using plastic again, I considered the benefits of plastic for people with disabilities, like plastic straws, gloves and sterile wrapping in hospitals, but also, the non-plastic alternatives that could be used on other platforms, like in the food and fashion industry, or even using vegetable bioplastics to make all these items compostable instead of just filling up landfills.

In general, I don’t like writing in French. It feels so restraining and claustrophobic, mainly because I don’t know the vocabulary for what I want to convey in French. This wasn’t so bad as it was mainly research though. I don’t remember if this was graded or not, but I’m guessing it was diagnostic from this lack of formatting and bibliography lol.

I 100% hope to write more depressing research essays about microplastics and plastic pollution in the future! Will keep you guys posted on that front!