Mass Consumerism-Oriented Globalization in the Linear Economy of the 21st Century: How is it worsening the climate crisis?

For the International Baccalaureate, we had to write two exams in English. One was a reading comp and the other was Paper 1. You were given a prompt and had to write an essay on whatever within the given time. Let Me Just Ramble, which is what I called this essay for short, was a practice test for Paper 1. This is a fake blog page and post I made for the practice test – just for fun because we had to write the real essay on that boring exam paper packet. Years after the production of this essay, I’ve come to realize that my French language keyboard was on during the entire writing process (see all the French typos, such as “environnement” in the first section of the first page – so embarrassing) and I’ve also realized that I really learned a lot during my first year of Environment and Society courses at STU that would have made this essay wayyyy better. The sources for this paper were sketchy at best. Mommy blog at worst. They really need to teach research methods in high school. It was one of the first essays I wrote on anthropogenic influences on the environment and little did I know then but two years later my full-time interest at university is writing essays on how nature is awesome and people suck. I don’t even remember if this was graded or not because it was just a practice, but whatever. I ended up winning the award for English IB that year anyway so I must of done good. I also passed the exams, so I guess this practice helped.

P.S. Can you tell I also just bought my typewriter? I sure couldn’t! Also, I guess the Recent Rambles section gave people a good laugh. It was four AM when I wrapped this up and I remember only dumping fleeting thoughts on that blank section at the bottom of the page, so please enjoy excerpts of my late-night madness.