Book Poster Project

In the winter of 2021, I was asked by my English teacher Mme Cooney to make some posters on book genres to encourage reading by offering reading recommendations. I am not an expert in all genres of books, so took popular books in each genre and read reviews (or read the books myself) to compile a list of a couple of books that people who read that popular book enjoyed. I also made an icon legend to help people see what they were getting themselves into. I’ve only seen some of these posters in person and I have no idea if they are still up in Mme Cooney’s class, but it was a really fun experience.

There are fifteen posters in total. Each has four popular books (listed from easiest read to hardest – like Middle Grade to Classics). Five similar books are suggested for each.

If you are interested in using these posters for your classroom, email me and I can send you higher-resolution documents to print. Now get out there and read these books!