Colonizers vs. the Colonized; Knowledge is Power; The Consequences of Being Honorable, or Lacking Thereof

In my first year Intro to English class, the Prof would make us write multiple mini-essays as a part of a larger assignment. I liked this because it was fairly easy to write a two-page essay since you are barely scratching the surface of the material. However, it was kind of annoying to write three essays on three very different things in a row.

The first essay is on a quote from William Shakespeare’s The Tempest. if you are familiar with that play, you know that there is a strong colonizer/colonized dynamic. That is what I have tried to explore in these two pages.

This second essay is on another quote from The Tempest. Here I argue of the power of knowledge and power found in books, especially magical ones:

This last essay looks at Aphra Behn’s Oroonoko. Probably one of my favourites. This essay is an inspection of the English Captain’s character and how it leads to the tragic conclusion of this novel.