The Evolution of Religion as We Confront Anthropogenic Climate Change

Why are there no in-text citations? I am so weirded out by these papers now that I have been indoctrinated to cite in APA, MLA, and Chicago for almost all assignments since my second year. This is a wanna be APA it seems, but idk.

This is an interesting little essay I cooked up. It’s obvious at this point of the year that I am smitten with Environment & Society. All of my projects are taking environmental twists (this will continue for the rest of my undergraduate work). As seen by the title and headers in this essay, I have yet to perfect the title case as well. I make some good arguments here I think but the fact that the essay is written in this way and this format is driving me crazy.

The core argument here is something I still think of a lot. Are we finally going to “wake up” to our reality or will we continue to justify our exploitation of the planet with religion? My little old first-year self would have found ENVS 2023 so helpful for this class, that was when I was introduced to the Dominion Thesis. Totally changed how I looked at the world.