Old Town, Maine

Spent the weekend with the family in Old Town, Maine. The second stop on my farewell tour. This was also Colin’s 17th birthday, so we celebrated with ice cream cake and by annoying him. Colin and I decided to reread Calvin & Hobbes on our drive to and fro, it was a nice little throwback moment. We also do this thing where we swap one airpod with the other person, this is how I found out Colin has some of the Barbie soundtrack embedded in layers of Travis Scott and Metro Boomin and how I found out Colin does not care for Lana Del Rey, but does tolerate Momma, Boygenius, and Big Thief.

We went on a bike ride at the Rolland Perry City Forest, the same trails we went on during our last family ride during Riverfest last fall. It has come to my attention that I may want an electric bike, but I also like my mountain bike, but I also don’t really like my mountain bike. I also have zero budget for a new bike and I already want a kayak but that means I need a roof rack for my car also why am I thinking of these things if I am also thinking of doing grad school abroad? Nope, nope, nope, Emma.

Finished reading The Cost of Living by Deborah Levy on the front patio overlooking the river. It was an alright read, as depressing as I expected it to be. Man, the patriarchy sucks, doesn’t it? I don’t know if I will read Levy’s other autobiographies just because this one did not particularly stand out to me.

I’ve also joined the Kindledom. Through a series of unfortunate splurges at the Chapters, I’ve realized I can no longer feasibly meet my reading habits on my sole research assistant income. Thus, this trip was also the time for me to pick up my Kindle that I had shipped (in Agave Green (only available in the US!)). I know I am now one of Jeff’s slaves, but at some point, I also need to live in the system we are trying to dismantle as my good friend Molly once said. Even better, I can use my Kindle to read powerful books that will enlighten me and in turn will give Jeff less power. A compromise I am willing to take, I suppose. Lastly, I wrapped up some work this weekend by sending an article on Small Modular Nuclear Reactors and Deep Geological Repositories off to the editorial board for publishing in the co-op. I hope it will be out soon, I’ve been trying to interview people for months but no one (cough, cough, NB Power) was answering my emails. Maybe they too are vacationing in Maine (or maybe they are ignoring me). Either way, I think the piece worked out without them.