For the International Baccalaureate, we had to write two exams in English. One was a reading comp and the other was Paper 1. You were given a prompt and had to write an essay on whatever within the given time. Let Me Just Ramble, which is what I called this essay for short, was a practice test for Paper 1. This is a fake blog page and post I made for the practice test – just for fun because we had to write the real essay on that boring exam […]
This is a silly little French essay I wrote in senior year. I had just found my new passion – gothic literature – and it was going to change the course of my life from then on. Fully invested in Frankenstein, I spent my senior year alluding to it in essays for all my classes (yes, even chemistry) and wrote as many essays as possible either on Mary Wollstonecraft, Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley, Frankenstein, or on the nature vs. nurture debate. This essay is actually titled Le Prométhée moderne, ou une […]
The Habit that Holds You is an argumentative style letter to a podcast company proposing the idea for sponsorship. All of the letter is fictive, but I had to choose “hosts” for the show and determine what each episode would look like. This is mad cringe. But if I’m going to share some of my work with the world, it would be biased if I didn’t show some of my worst work as well since ya don’t get 90+ all the time! It’s taken me two high school math classes to figure that out!