Ink by Alice Broadway – Review


Title: Ink 

Author: Alice Broadway

Publisher: Scholastic Press

Publication Date: January 2, 2017

Pages: 324

Price: 21.35$ CAN (Hardcover) at Indigo Books & Music Online

Oh. My. God. This was probably the prettiest book I’ve ever read in my life. The dust sleeve, the pages and the hardcover itself has the most stunning metallic-copper-orangy designs, and I absolutely flipped when I first saw it. Of course the book itself was AMAZING but the cover just gave it an extra thrill. 🙂

Short Description

Every action, every deed, every significant moment is tattooed on your skin for ever. When Leora’s father dies, she is determined to see her father remembered forever. She knows he deserves to have all his tattoos removed and made into a Skin Book to stand as a record of his good life. But when she discovers that his ink has been edited and his book is incomplete, she wonders whether she ever knew him at all.



(Spoiler alert folks, we gotta rant about some things.)

Truth be told, I actually have no idea if I really liked this book or really did not like it. I’m just going to enumerate three of the things I liked and three I disliked from Ink.


  • (This one does not really count.) Super pretty book (Really good for some bookstagram pics 😉 )
  • Well described settings, I really could imagine the location Leora described.
  • The whole “spiritual meaning” and importance of the tattoos and how they commemorated their ancestors was a really cool and I really liked the perspective Broadway took on all the tattoos.
  • Ummmm our protagonist, Leora, can read peoples skin?! She can read things from the ink about the persons life that no one else could possibly know. How flippin cool is that?!!!
  • The ending! WHATTTTTT!!!


  • Like I said the whole “spiritual meaning” of the tattoos was a cool and original way to see things and that was awesome but I mean the skin books?! That was straight up weirdddddd. I would NOT like having my ancestors skin lying around my house, I mean I like how its in the format of a book and you can see all of their Ink and read the story of their life and blah, blah, blah. But would you like to have a book made out of your grandpa’s skin? Lying around your house? I think I’ll pass.
  • Maybe its just me but it felt like Leora was contemplating who to trust for like half of the novel???!
  • Yeah so I don’t really have a third con… Sorry!

*Side note: I was getting such Magnus Bane vibes from Mel the Storyteller I have no idea why but please let me know if you felt this too.

“For the first time in my life, I’m doubting my faith, and it terrifies me.
For the first time, I want to change the rules.
For the first time I wonder: does it matter what it says on your skin, when what’s at stake is your soul?”

-Alice Broadway, Ink

Final Thoughts/Recommendation


Overall other than my two cons, the book was relatively good. The storyline was captivating the plot was good and I loved the dystopian aspect of it all. I intend to read the second book Spark sometime soon because that ending really had me shook to the core! Anyway, I’m being generous and giving it four stars instead of three because once again, THAT COVER! ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

I would recommend this book to anyone who loves a good YA dystopian, or if you liked The Hunger Games or the Divergent series because Leora really gave me a Tris/Katniss vibe. I’d also recommend to someone who would just like to stare and admire the beauty of this novel. (No but for real I don’t just like this book because if its cover. I hope thats clear ) To finish, if you’re someone who likes to read something a little different than most YA dystopians (I know I haven’t read another book were they make skin books 🙂 ) I’d strongly suggest you pick up Ink!



*Heart eyes*


This is a bit random but today I tried Joel’s (Leora’s Dad) hot chocolate recipe with the orange rinds even though it was 25 degrees and it was really good!


Please let me know what you thought of the book/my review, I’d love to hear what you think!

Have an awesome day!






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