Experience Enhances Performance

This argumentative essay was based of the reality tv show Survivor, since we had watched it in class. I was assigned to write an argumentative essay showing who, in my opinion, would take the win this season. (If I remember correctly, I was very wrong so don’t put money on me guessing the winner of Survivor anytime soon.)

Experience Enhances Performance 

            Since the dawn of the twenty first century, the American reality show Survivor, has been one of the top twenty most watched reality television shows in America. Well renowned for its intriguing ways of entertainment, Survivorregroups about twenty contestants per season and ships them off to an island far away from modern society to fend for themselves. Throughout their stay on the island, the contestants must complete obstacles and challenges in order to win rewards or special perks. This season, the contestants start out in either Kama or Manu, two separate tribes that will be each other’s competition. Eventually, another tribe is created and all of the contestants intersect into the three tribes. The three tribes will fight amongst each other until comes the merge, when it will become each contestant for their own to win the final big prize of one million dollars. That being so, Aubry Bracco, a returnee from previous seasons of Survivor and an original member of the Kama tribe, will win this season of Survivor because her past experience on the show makes her a conscious player of the game and also because she is an undeniably perseverant player. 

            As previously stated, Aubry will win this season of Survivor because her past experience on the show makes her a conscious player. Being a conscious player is a valuable asset to have in order to win this game of survival. Generally speaking, Survivor is a game that requires both physical and mental intellect. Mental intellect can be gained from dealing with similar past experiences. The person living these experiences will remember the situation and most likely figure out different ways to adapt if they are to come by said experience ever again in their lifetime. As it happens, Aubry has previously participated in Survivor: Kaôh Rōng and Survivor: Game Changers. By being part of seasons 32 and 34 before this current season, Aubry has worked alongside the previous winners of Survivor. Given these points, Aubry could reflect on how those past winners strategized their gameplay and it could help her strategize her own plan to win this season. In addition, she also knows what it’s like to be stranded on an island for 39 days. Whereas, the new contestants are most likely to be highly affected emotionally on this new environment that they must live in without their families and friends, which can cause a lot of homesickness, loneliness, and dread. Emotions cloud judgement. Therefore, Aubry is at a higher advantage point than these newcomer contestants because she knows what to expect, emotionally and strategically, from this game. These past experiences give Aubry the means to make more conscious decisions and will lead her to become the sole survivor of this season. 

            Another key reason that Aubry will be the winner of this season of Survivor, is her undeniable perseverance. Aubry has faced many though obstacles throughout her journey on Survivor. These experiences have helped her become less emotionally vulnerable and more perseverant in tough situations. Perseverance is an important quality to have to play this game because you must learn to maintain on an island merely with the clothes on your back. Perseverance is key in this game because you can not give up if you want to win Survivor. Luckily, Aubry has stayed very perseverant this season by encouraging others and demonstrating a lot of self-confidence. In fact, one quote from Aubry, in episode five, was the following: “I never give up. For me, as soon as it hits the rock bottom, that’s my favorite part because it can only go up. I thrive at pulling myself up from the bottom, and that’s exactly what I’m going to do.” This quote implies that Aubry is very perseverant because at the time she said this Aubry was actually voted out of the game by her tribe and was residing on Extinction Island. This island is where the contestants that get voted out go and wait for a shot at getting back in the game. Most of the other contestants on this island where lethargic and homesick. Aubry was a little shocked when she first came to the island because the toll of being voted out finally got to her, but it quickly faded away and she became completely phlegmatic. She began strategizing what she would do when she left this island. At this point, she states the quote that was previously mentioned. This implicates Aubry’s perseverance because she is going through a rough time right now, by being betrayed by her tribemates and sent to extinction island, but she refuses to be let down and she will not give up just yet. Her perseverance helps her adapt in rough situations and to stay optimistic. Most might give up on Extinction Island and choose to go home, but Aubry will stay to fight for what she wants. Hence, confirming once again that Aubry will be the victor of this game because of her undeniable perseverance. 

            To conclude, Aubry Bracco will be the last contestant standing on this season of Survivor because her past experience on the show makes her a conscious player of the game and because of her undeniable perseverance. As Aubry once said herself, “I know how hard it is to win, and I am here to win.” Without a doubt, she most certainly will be bringing home the big win this season.