Immunity Gone Bad

Immunity Gone Bad was another Survivor themed essay I had to write. This one was not argumentative however, but rather a newspaper article format. This was actually super tricky for me to do since I am usually a lengthy writer but this assignment had to be short and concise but still straight to the point. Short paragraphs were also weird and new to me at this stage.

Emma Fackenthall 

English 10, per. 1 

28 May 2019

Immunity Gone Bad on Survivor

Emma Fackenthall – Smith & Landry Times

Mamanuca Islands, Fiji, Survivor Season 38, episode 11 Rick Devens, realized he was given an expired Immunity Idol by his fellow confidant, Ron Clark.

            Rick, a strategic player, was in dire need of protection before the next Tribal Council. His close affiliate, Ron Clark, pulled Rick to the side of camp and gave him a Hidden Immunity Idol to seal their strong alliance. 

            Ron later states to the cameramen with a malicious smile, “It’s expired, but he doesn’t need to know that.” 

            Later on, Rick takes out his gifted advantage at Tribal. After a brief explanation, as to what advantages the cardholder can obtain with this reward, Jeff exclaims, “Unfortunately, this advantage expired on day nine and has no power.” Rick, hurt by this set-up, returns to his seat under the sympathetic yet devious gaze of his tribe. Albeit, Jeff and the jury members look on in amusement at the scene unraveling in before their eyes.

            Rick suddenly proclaims, “Except! You’ve proven time and time again that you’re untrustworthy and disloyal,” while addressing Ron, whose malicious smirk slowly dissipated. “So, I would like to play this Hidden Immunity Idol for myself,” said Rick, proudly. He then reveals a viable Hidden Immunity Idol. The witnesses look on astonishingly.  

           After tallying the votes, Ron was called up to have his torch put out. Albeit trying to take out Rick, Ron ended up being the thirteenth person voted out of Survivor: Edge of Extinction.

This essay is really short, but I think that was what made it so important to me since I have been outwardly disobeying word limits since my 3,000 word journal entry assignment in third grade. This strict word limit was essentially fundamental to writing this type of text, and by doing so, I believe I showed myself that with enough restraint I could co-operate with a word limit.