Question Portfolio

Intro to Religious Studies feels like a fever dream. I am glad that I had some friends taking the course with me because I found the material very difficult to understand. I was also new to religion in general. A lot of people in the course had a religious background; however, I just went in after a couple of Christmases at church with my mémère.

Interestingly enough, I ended up winning the Sundara and Venky Venkatesan Memorial Prize in my first year. This prize is awarded to the student with the highest final grade in all RELG1006 courses. I was seriously shocked when I found this out. Looking back now, I am still shocked because these essays are no good. This portfolio is not the worst, but wow the later essays are rough. I’m not sure why but I had just decided to not do in-text citing for most of the papers? Was I ok?

Basically, this assignment was about finding some research questions that interested us and then these would serve as starting blocks for future assignments. I ended up writing essays on women and religion, morality, and climate change and religiosity.