The Myth of the Afterlife in Plato’s Phaedo

Great Thinkers & Writers is a Great Books course I took for maybe two months before dropping it literally a day before the drop deadline. I was NOT feeling it, I am sorry. I submitted this paper and dropped it before receiving feedback, so I honestly have no idea how good or bad this was. It’s interesting because I thought I was going to study Philosophy and Great Books at STU, but as soon as I stepped into classes on those topics I immediately wanted to leave. Even stranger is that I have realized through looking back through all my work that I have written so many essays and done many projects on the environment and literature, but the majors I have now (Environment & Society and English Language and Literature) were not what I anticipated majoring in back in September of 2021.

Sometimes when I have the time to think, I think of what grade this essay might have gotten. Maybe it contained the answer to some deep philosophical question (probably not but I like to imagine). Maybe this has secretly been published in one of the most prestigious philosophical journals out there without my knowing and much like Anonymous, I am incredibly popular but so unknown. Whatever. This was my first and last Great Books class. Sorry for all those who are into this stuff.