My Descent Into Madness – The Frankenstein Collection

As the World Wide Web perhaps already knows both through my incessant posts about and allusions to this book, I love Frankenstein. No need to repeat myself again. See my many other posts on this book. Today, I will be sharing my different editions of the novel, why I like them, and why I will surely never get rid of them. I typically draw the line at 2 copies of the same book when I have a favourite, just because of my limited space and the fact that like I should probably be saving this money, but nothing can stop me once I see a new edition of Frankenstein. I just bought two in the last week, so I think it is finally time I address the issue and offer clarity to those who may simply not understand why having so many editions of one book matters (cough, my mother).

#1 AppleBooks’ Frankenstein – Free

This barely counts in my collection, but it is still my first edition of Frankenstein. While it would be nice to say that I read this story for the first time in a gold-embossed Peacock Edition, the stark reality is that it was the free Apple ebook edition that my eyes saw first. It did the job. No complaints. Great way to make this book accessible to everyone. Thank u for changing my life.

#2 Oxford World’s Classics’ Frankenstein: 1818 Text – $8.95

This is my first physical copy. It is a great amount of flimsy for a paperback. It is filled with post-its, notes in margins, and bent pages. I got this guy second-hand at a used bookstore. This is the edition I read the most, thrice on my own and once aloud to my mom. I love the cover choice too. This is L’Ange du Destin by Odilon Redon. I like how the Creature just seems to be sitting there waiting for acceptance, trying to look not so scary. The shade that hides the rest of his body also works to hid the fact that he is a scary tall scarred monster, because from his posture and face, idk I feel bad for him.

#3 Canterbury Classic’ Classic Works from Women Writers – $33.99

This edition is in an anthology I got for Christmas in 2019. I don’t really care for it. The book itself is beautiful, but volume has bible-thin pages, size 10 font, and is a big brick to lug around. This is really a coffee table edition in my belief.

#4 Drover Publications’ 1994 Unabridged Edition – $4

When I stopped by my local used bookstore, I stumbled upon this this edition at the cash right as the cashier was taking it out of a donation box. I bought it before they had a chance to price it. I loved the cover because it reminded me so much of Victorian era marbled endpapers. It’s also green. I love her. Great price too.

#5 Simon & Schuster’s Gallery 13 Frankenstein with illustrations by Bernie Wrightson and introduction by Stephen King – $26.99

Easily one of my favourites out of my collection because it is my only illustrated edition and I love the work so much. I bought this one at Bull Moose in Bangor, Maine while visiting my grandparents and it was so fun to reread with the images on this drive home.

#6 HarperMuse’s Pretty Painted Edition with cover art by Laci Fowler – $39.99

I love the artwork and the sprayed edges on this one. It is a good size, my first hardcover (other than the Canterbury Classic) and it is oh so ever giving gothic vibes. Just picked up this one at Chapters last week.

#6 Chiltern Publishing Frankenstein – $32.99

You can’t see it in the photo, but this one is holographic. It’s the perfect size, and sturdy as hell. This is my latest addition to the collection and I think it is due time for a reread. I’ll let ya’ll know how it goes.