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Green Grass, Running Water Stream of Consciousness

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This was an interesting assignment. We read Green Grass, Running Water, by Thomas King as a class and we had to write a stream do consciousness (or SOC) on one of the characters during one of the chose scenes in the book. It was interesting to read the other students SOC’s since we had all chosen different scenes and characters for different reasons. I also enjoyed that we had to include a rationale, hence all my classmates choices were pointed out and explained in their POV, which I thought was interesting for the assignment at hand, but also, with what kinds of people I was working with in this class. Even though these SOC’s are not about us, I feel that they are all tainted with a bit of our personalities. For example, I am a over thinker and am overly anxious. I think that my SOC from George’s point of view might be tainted with the way I would perceive these same experiences if I was him.