This was an interesting assignment. We read Green Grass, Running Water, by Thomas King as a class and we had to write a stream do consciousness (or SOC) on one of the characters during one of the chose scenes in the book. It was interesting to read the other students SOC’s since we had all chosen different scenes and characters for different reasons. I also enjoyed that we had to include a rationale, hence all my classmates choices were pointed out and explained in their POV, which I thought was interesting for the assignment at hand, but also, with what kinds of people I was working with in this class. Even though these SOC’s are not about us, I feel that they are all tainted with a bit of our personalities. For example, I am a over thinker and am overly anxious. I think that my SOC from George’s point of view might be tainted with the way I would perceive these same experiences if I was him.
This research project consisted on me taking different pictures of different trees and using a reference book to determine its age and species. Was really fun and I can now kinda distinguish the books in my backyard! I also had to describe invasive species and endangered species of flora. Brought me outside and was a great learning experience.
This was a riveting project I had done for my social studies class! The Munchausen syndrome by proxy (or MSBP) is a syndrome that always interested me and this project permitted me to do a lot more research on the topic. Even though I’m done high school, this work is still fun for me to reread, not only because I worked hard on these projects, but also because I’m re-learning things I forgot, or giving others the opportunity to read up if they want lol!
Degrading Others for Self-Validation is a essay and presentation I did for this class. I believe it was based off an article I had to read. This was definitely not one of my favorites, mainly because it was an oral presentation; but also because I always found my writing here kinda dull.
The Astonishing Color of After is a novel I read the summer of 2018 and throughly enjoyed. In this essay, I had to create an argument, and prove that argument with passages, as to why The Astonishing Color of After is an insightful read. This was my first english-written argumentative essay on a work of fiction.
I just finished my reread of Lord of Shadows fifteen minutes ago and I scurried to get out the laptop because everything is so fresh in my mind. People ask me all the time what my ultimate favorite book is and honestly I can read all the big classics and the “must read before you die” books but honestly I think these books, this series, the sub-series and the whole chronicles collection are my favorite. As I’m rereading The Dark Artifices, I am falling in love with this fictional world […]

“As long as there is love and memory, there is no true death.” ― Cassandra Clare, Lady Midnight 
Just last week I ordered the paperback box set of The Dark Artifices. Sure, I do already have a hardcover first edition of Queen of Air and Darkness but I read Lady Midnight and Lord of Shadows as library books because I knew when the time came I would buy the paperback editions because i just love the spine art they make together and I already have the paperback box sets for The Mortal Instruments and The Infernal Devices and I would really like it if all my books matched formats. Anyway, […]